A Rallying Call following the EU Referendum

Like nearly half of the country, I supported Remain in yesterday’s EU referendum. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who woke up this morning shocked at the result and unhappy that we are going to be leaving the EU. While I respect the will of the electorate, I don’t think it was the right choice for the country.

But it’s not worth us sitting around and moping today- as easy as it would be to turn off the telly and sulk because we didn’t get our own way. But the thing is, although we may be leaving the EU, the UK is still the same country it was yesterday, European law is still embedded in UK law and all of the positives that the Remain side have been talking about for the last few months are still part of our legal system.

The thing that yesterday demonstrated was the power of what organising, campaigning and above all voting can achieve. What I’m trying to say is this- THE FIGHT STARTS NOW.

Now, we don’t have the EU to protect our Workers Rights, our NHS, our Trade Unions. Now we have to do that ourselves. We need to build a movement to make sure that these, and other things that we value, are protected from the clutching hands of neoliberalism and the establishment.

This movement will require people with a wide range of skills, it will require canvassers, organisers, people who can build websites, people who can write letters, people who can have ideas and convince others and yes, people who just want to get involved and change the world.

Because the simple truth is that if YOU ‘don’t do politics’, politics gets DONE TO YOU and your voice doesn’t get listened to.

So to all those people who voted Remain yesterday and are sitting round feeling sorry for themselves- or even if you voted leave and want to see a better country- I’d say this: I’m ready to get involved, I’m ready to be listened to and I’m ready to make sure that if we’re going to ‘Take Back Control’ of our country that we do it the right way.

Are you?

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Alex Graham

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